Last week....

For the majority of last week, I was unable to post or update any of the Movable Type sections of AF. A server move resulted in the user account for the database being lost and then, after it was restored, there was a slight problem with missing Perl modules. All seems to be well now though. Many thanks to Newt for getting everything straightened out.

Lots of things happened while I was unable to post but only two are significant:

  1. Hallowe'en was wet and cold and miserable. We had hardly any kids stop by compared to other years but those that did, seemed to be in a good mood. Every single one said thank you. I was impressed.

    My three had fun. J wore a simple costume, consisting of a mask and his winter coat. I put gel in his hair to make it spiky but then Ice threw a straw hat on his head so I needn't have bothered.

    K was a clown. I painted her face and then backcombed her hair so it was really wild. We had some coloured hair spray so I used that too. She looked pretty good.

    L was... well, I'm not entirely sure what she was. Kind of a goth girl. I gave her black lipstick and heavily lined eyes and put silver streaks in her hair. The scariest thing about her costume was that she looked 16.

    We let L go out with her friends this year (no parents). They are a responsible group of girls so I wasn't too worried about them. Ice took K and J with him and they met up with another parent and his kids (friends of K's). The weather was so miserable that Ice ended up coming back for the van. After the younger ones were finished, Ice drove around until he found the older girls. He picked them up and gave them a ride to their last few stops.

    All three were pretty tired when they got home. As much as I like "decorating" the kids, I'm glad it's over.

  2. Ice announced that he is going to be staying out of town for work. Starting this coming week, he'll be gone from Monday to Friday for the next 4-6 weeks. Which I figure means at least until Christmas.


Posted by Ripley on November 02, 2002

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