What I hate most about Ice staying out of town -- apart from missing his company, our end of the day bevvies, having a face to face conversation with an adult -- is the adjustment period. My routine gets screwed up and it takes me a while to remember all of the things that are now my responsibility.

Case in point: the garbage gets picked up on Monday mornings around here. Usually, when K gets home from school, she picks up the can and the recycle bin and puts them where they belong. And if she forgets, Ice gets them when he gets home. Tonight, when I was putting L to bed, she stopped to look out the front door to check if it was still snowing (it was). Then and only then did I notice that the garbage containers were still across the street on the neighbour's lawn!

I'll adjust eventually. I always do. And then I'll have to go through the whole thing again in reverse when he comes home.


On a side note:

It was creator Aaron Sorkin's masterpiece.

Yes, yes, yes. It was and is the only drama/comedy that I have ever wished was longer than half an hour. I still miss that show.

Posted by Ripley on November 05, 2002

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