MT'ing the Canadians, pt2.

The conversion to Movable Type is done. Yes!

If you saw the original site, you're probably thinking, "Yeah, so? It looks almost exactly like it did before. What's the big deal?" Well, I'll tell you what the big deal is.

Before, adding one profile involved creating or updating a minimum of seven files (not including any graphics). Now, I only have to add the profile itself and everything else is generated for me. It's a huge timesaver. Also, now I'll be more likely to add new profiles as I finish them, rather than waiting until I have four or five. It's a good thing all 'round.

I think all pages are working correctly and everything is properly linked but if you find any errors/problems, please let me know, either by email or by posting here. I also haven't checked the site in IE6 (don't have it, don't want it) so if the site isn't working with it, let me know. Thanks! (I haven't checked it in linux either but I will do that tomorrow... or, rather, later today.)

Change notes:

The main page will always show the last person I've added. The content that was previously on the main page has moved to the About page.

The What's New page is gone. Instead, the last five additions are listed on the menu. I will also try to remember to mention it here in my blog when I add new people.

Before, some people were listed on both the Firsts and Inventions pages. Now those people are only listed on one or the other (whichever I decided was most important). It wasn't possible to list them on both since I use a phrase, rather than a name, on those pages. Also, the entries on those pages are no longer sorted alphabetically. I may work out how to sort them at a later date but, for now, they're listed with the most recent additions at the top.

Netscape 4.x users will notice that, on pages with a picture, there is a gap between the top logo and the main body. See, for example, Abram Kean. I don't know why it's happening only on those pages and I've given up trying to figure it out for now.

Ok, I think that's everything I wanted to mention. I should probably go to bed now. Or soon, anyway.

Posted by Ripley on October 14, 2002