Euchre ain't so hard.

A friend dropped by tonight to pick up his daughter and ended up staying for a couple of beers. We were talking about this, that, and the other thing when the topic came around to euchre. Again.

A couple of weeks ago, he was here with his wife and she told us that she can't play euchre. She's tried but the rules just baffle her. So we said, no problem, if you want to learn, we'll teach you. No criticism, no insults, your spouse will not be your partner, it'll be fun. She seemed ok with that (although still insisting that she won't understand no matter what we do) and we agreed to get together fairly soon.

So, as I said, tonight the topic came up again. He's still really keen, she's still hesitant (or so he said), and we will hopefully be getting together in a couple of weeks to try it out. Just for fun, I handed him the rules for the most recent version of youker (which we will not be playing that night).

It was pretty funny watching his eyes get bigger and bigger as he read them. One would almost think they were scary.

Posted by Ripley on October 21, 2002

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