CBC listens.

Ron's back and I didn't even have to slap 'em. Hockey fans across the country can relax again.

I wish I could believe that Canadians will summon that sense of outrage the next time something really important happens but I can't. The fact that it takes someone messing with our hockey to get us riled up says quite a bit about us, I think.

Side notes

On the news last night, they showed a woman who works at the CBC, answering the phone with a scratch pad in front of her. On the top of the pad, it said (I kid you not) "angry callers" and underneath that, she was making marks to indicate the number.

Also on the news last night, they mentioned all of the comments and emails the CBC had received. The camera scrolled down a page on their website and stopped on a single comment: Get rid of Cherry too they have become very stale and are no longer amusing.

Posted by Ripley on October 04, 2002

And then you said

Forget the hockey commentator. I vote we flood the CBC with letters and angry phone calls for something really important --- Mark Kelley (of CBC newsworld in the am) has to dress in jeans, sweaters and boots everyday not just when he is 'live in Iqaluit' covering the Queens visit. Great way to start your morning. Now that is something I could get behind. I mean really, after Mark, the rest of the day is all downhill anyway.

Posted by af42 on October 4, 2002 11:31 AM

I'm in!

Harassing crown corporations. It's a Canadian thing.

Posted by Ripley on October 5, 2002 1:55 AM

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