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01.10.02  Relief - Yesterday, I took J to the City-That-Should-Be-Domed for a doctor's appointment. I was really stressed about the whole thing and had been for quite some time. I wasn't sure where the office was, I had to pull all three kids... (tags: )

01.10.02  Warning: Pissed off Canadian - "For 17 years, he was the sane centre of the show, the glue that held Hockey Night In Canada together." So says Bill Brioux of the Toronto Sun. And he's right. I can't believe those morons at CBC let Ron... (tags: )

02.10.02  September's Odds'n'Ends - I'm not sure what I was doing at the end of last month but I didn't get these posted. Christmas present ideas with a bovine theme. Ice isn't getting either of these. Not as long as he lives with me... (tags: )

03.10.02  MT'ing the Canadians - I'm working on converting my Canadians section of AF to Movable Type. It will be much easier to add new people if I can get it all sorted out. Tonight, in addition to a whole bunch of other things, I... (tags: )

04.10.02  CBC listens - Ron's back and I didn't even have to slap 'em. Hockey fans across the country can relax again. I wish I could believe that Canadians will summon that sense of outrage the next time something really important happens but I... (tags: )

06.10.02  Happy birthday, Dad! - For my father's 65th birthday, we went out for brunch, ate way too much, and then went back to my parents' place and listened to his sisters as they told stories about him. Among other things. It was a pretty... (tags: )

08.10.02  Happy birthday, MT - Movable Type 2.5 has been released! I feel like a kid with a new toy and I haven't even installed it yet. Judging from the changelog, I should be able to fix the issues I was running into with converting... (tags: )

09.10.02  Update on the update - Things seem to be working fine. Posting works (well... if this posts, I'll know it works), comments work, editing templates works, editing posts works, everything I've tried so far works. Whew. I have some changes in mind for this blog... (tags: )

10.10.02  Geocaching - If you have some spare time, a love of the outdoors, and a GPS (I'm 0 for 3 there), check out geocaching. It sounds like fun actually. And if treasure hunting isn't your thing, you can always use that GPS... (tags: )

13.10.02  Tim Burton - While I was waiting for 15 Minutes to come on, I watched most of an interview with Tim Burton. He's not the best talker (he seems to have trouble making complete sentences and getting his point across) but one thing... (tags: )

14.10.02  MT'ing the Canadians, pt2 - The conversion to Movable Type is done. Yes! If you saw the original site, you're probably thinking, "Yeah, so? It looks almost exactly like it did before. What's the big deal?" Well, I'll tell you what the big deal is.... (tags: )

14.10.02  Fonts and linux - I finally did it. I installed the M$ fonts and things look so much better. I can't even explain what a relief that is.... (tags: )

16.10.02  Code of Conduct - From a booklet my kids brought home from school: A student may also be suspended for: conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school... Maybe it's just me but I find the phrase "moral tone" to be alarmingly vague.... (tags: )

17.10.02  Sometimes, more than bills come in the mail - I have a very good friend who is a radio DJ on the other side of the ocean. A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to his show (via RealAudio) and his guest that night was Jack Healy (j-healy).... (tags: )

20.10.02  Validation - A recent comment on one of my earlier entries reminded me that I've been bad. I've been so busy adding new stuff to AF that I haven't bothered to check if any of it validates. So Saturday afternoon/night seemed like... (tags: )

21.10.02  Euchre ain't so hard - A friend dropped by tonight to pick up his daughter and ended up staying for a couple of beers. We were talking about this, that, and the other thing when the topic came around to euchre. Again. A couple of... (tags: )

22.10.02  Maritimers - Added John Patch and James Yeo to the Canadians.... (tags: )

23.10.02  Let the bragging begin - The GHA Hockey Pool is now online and I'm winning! Yay, me! The ultimate prize is still to be determined. There is a link to the pool under "Things to Do" on the side menu. It'll stay there until the... (tags: )

24.10.02  Printing - Last night, my oldest daughter had to type out a paragraph for French (in French), describing "her" criminal for some sort of mystery thing they're doing. Why this woman hasn't been caught yet is beyond me. She's wearing a blue... (tags: )

25.10.02  Hallowe'en movies - I've been watching a lot of horror movies this month, with it being October and all. Some have been very good; some have been extremely bad. Tonight's second feature on TMN (the Creature Features entry) is called "Earth vs The... (tags: )

25.10.02  mmmm... Clive - Got the newest BMW film and it's really, really good. Well worth the download. Some notes: * Can't play it with the BMW Film Player. It requires Windows Media Player or Quicktime 5. * The Windows Media Player version is... (tags: )

26.10.02  Digital cable - I was always under the impression that digital cable vs regular cable was an either/or thing. I don't know why; that's just how I thought it worked. But we got a thingy in the mail from our cable company today,... (tags: )

27.10.02  Academy Awards - I love the Oscars. I've watched them every year for as long as I can remember, from the pre-ceremony shows right through to the end, no matter how late that is. The day after, I would hear people talking on... (tags: )