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03.09.02  Back to school - The girls went back today and they were excited about it. J doesn't start until Friday but he seems happy enough to have the TV/Playstation all to himself. It would be nice though if school started at a reasonable hour.... (tags: )

03.09.02  Watershed report - I had a great time! The weather was good -- warm, breezy, only rained briefly during Great Big Sea's set (Alan of GBS said they'd brought Newfoundland weather with them). We were in a good location, next to the sound... (tags: )

05.09.02  September blahs - I don't know what's wrong with me but I don't want to edit or work on the site or even sit here at the computer. Maybe it's the directory thing. Maybe it's that I'm stressed about J starting school tomorrow... (tags: )

08.09.02  Canadians - Canadians site has been updated. About bloody time. (Made some minor changes to the layout and re-did some graphics so if anything is broken, please let me know.)... (tags: )

09.09.02  Scare me - The Horror Writers Association has compiled a list of the top 40 horror books of all time. Of those, I have read seven. Seven? Time for a trip to the library, I think. (I find it quite amusing that HWA's... (tags: )

09.09.02  Jeremiah - TMN premiered Jeremiah tonight. It was interesting. Not a lot of surprises but I liked the main characters and the way they interacted. And, of course, they left just enough loose ends so that I'll have to watch it again.... (tags: )

10.09.02  Union labour - From an article in the Houston Chronicle about some guy running for Texas governor: "Monday, Perry received the Teamsters endorsement in Houston at the new Teamsters hall, built with nonunion workers because Teamsters officials considered union labor too expensive." Bizarre.... (tags: )

11.09.02  Reserved - I started writing down my memories from a year ago but I haven't finished yet. I'm finding it difficult to say everything I want/need to say. I haven't even decided if I want to make them public. If I finish... (tags: )

13.09.02  "Hold fire" means *hold fire* - From the Globe and Mail: The U.S. Air Force will recommend today laying a charge of involuntary manslaughter against the U.S. fighter pilot who dropped a bomb on Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan last April, killing four and injuring eight. A... (tags: )

14.09.02  Movie reviews - It's much easier to write a review for a movie I hated than for one I loved. Does that say something about my personality?... (tags: )

17.09.02  Open House - Didn't really learn anything at Open House at the school tonight. L is doing fine, K is doing fine, J is doing much better this year. Or so the witch said. The pizza was boring plain but the desserts were... (tags: )

23.09.02  Vin, fresh from the oven - Secret agents are baked, not trained these days apparently. (graphic, halfway down, left hand side) via Textism... (tags: )

23.09.02  Youker, The Euchre Drinking Game - Youker rules have been updated! Enjoy the Linux version. ;) I would like to point out, however, that this past weekend's participants failed to observe the shooter rules for Coach's Corner and After 40 Minutes. Two minutes in the penalty... (tags: )

24.09.02  Fonts - On Saturday, Newt (wonderful person that she is) helped me install Linux on Ash. I'll have more to say about that later but one particular issue is on my mind at the moment.... I was horrified to discover that the... (tags: )

25.09.02  Reviews and MySQL - Gave myself a crash course in MySQL today, wrote my first statement, and.... it works! Yay!! Now we no longer have to assign categories so that my reviews and Newt's reviews will show up on their respective lists. That should... (tags: )

26.09.02  Unexpected free time - My mother-in-law dropped by this afternoon. She brought her photo album and some pictures for the kids to keep. We had a nice visit and then, at the last minute, she decided to take J home with her. He's staying... (tags: )

26.09.02  ER - Chaos Theory - The promo for tonight's premiere of ER said, "Plus, an event so shocking it will take your breath away." Yeah right, I thought. They say things like that all the time and the event that is supposed to shock me... (tags: )

27.09.02  Reviews and MySQL, pt2 - I did it! Review counts have been restored and will update automatically. I'm not even going to mention the fact I was completely baffled as to why the old count looked like this: Newt (57) Ripley (54) and the new... (tags: )