Vacation report.

Camping was good. There were lots and lots of mosquitoes, it wasn't quite warm enough for the first few days, and we were visited by a skunk every night (nicknamed Hector), but it was good nonetheless.

I read all of Tara Road and really enjoyed it. I started out the week reading the Douglas Clegg book but it was creeping me out too much. It gets really, really dark there. ;)

Monday - Arrived mid-afternoon, set up, did the campfire thing, and that's about it.

Tuesday - Took J to the doctor (I'd made an appointment since we were going to be closer to the clinic than usual) for his booster shots and to have his hearing checked (at the request of his teacher). Turns out there might be something wrong so we now have an appointment to see a specialist at the end of September. Hopefully, it's something simple and fixable.

Wednesday - I sat outside and read all afternoon while Ice took the kids swimming and hiking and things like that.

Thursday - See Wednesday.

Friday - Packed up, went to Mom & Dad's for dinner, ate too much, got home and collapsed on the couch.

Saturday - Up at 6:40am to get ready for K's baseball tournament. They lost both games in the last inning but they played really really well. Considering what the team was like at the beginning of the season, they made extraordinary progress. Poor K though. It didn't matter where they put her -- all the balls seemed to come straight for her. She ran her ass off.

Sunday - Up at 7am-ish for L's baseball tournament. They lost the first game (they seemed to have zero energy) and won the second game but didn't make it to the final, due to some weird tiebreaker math. They finished the regular season in second place though so it was a good year. The best thing about the tournament though was that L got two hits!! One in each game! After struggling all season to get her to take a chance and swing the bat, she finally did it. Now I just have to hope that this newfound confidence will reappear next year.

And that's it!

Posted by Ripley on August 14, 2002 | Tags: baseball, camping, kids, vacation