Noon to noon.

The party was great!

The Cherry Dogs kicked ass as usual. We danced pretty much all night, met a bunch of new people (of the drunk, dancin' fools, late twenties, male variety), said/did one or two things that I wish I hadn't, and drank just a bit too much. The hangover was negligible so that was ok, but my voice, on the other hand, is doing a semi-disappearing act. Too much shouting, singing, and laughing, I expect.

We caught a ride out there with another couple and, on the way, we got talking about crop tours and how much fun they used to be. I'm not going to post any details but let's just say the ride home was fun, too.

Got back around 3:30am (not late unless you consider that I told the sitter we'd be home around 2am), sat at the computer for half an hour but couldn't focus enough to get anything done, gave up and went to bed.

A really really good time and I can't wait for next year!

Posted by Ripley on August 18, 2002 | Tags: parties