Getting ready.

We're going camping from Monday to Friday (yes, I said "we") so today was spent running errands. Got the groceries, did the drugstore thing, got K's hair cut, tried to get my hair cut but the stupid b*tch was in such a rush, it can barely be called a trim (yes, I'm pissed off), and made an unplanned trip to the nearest Zellers after L became quite upset over her lack of sandals.

I picked up a couple of books to take with me. One by an author I've never read (Douglas Clegg - You Come When I Call You) and one by an old favourite (Maeve Binchy - Tara Road). Hopefully, those and the crossword puzzle book I also picked up, will keep me from missing Ash too much. ;)

Things to do when I get back:
- set up the reviews thing for Newt and I. (could be done now but I'm afraid I won't get it completely finished)
- write reviews for Jet Boy, When Brendan Met Trudy, and Beautiful Creatures. (it's been an MFest kind of weekend)

Posted by Ripley on August 04, 2002 | Tags: camping