Danko Jones.

Coming home from baseball (yet again), Ice turned up the radio for one particular song. Said he really liked it but he didn't know who it was. FM96 DJs seem to have this thing about telling you the name/artist for songs (they'll play five songs in a row and only tell you the name of the last one) so some research was in order. Fortunately, that's my thing.

From listening to the lyrics, we decided the title must be Sound of Love. I knew that searching the usual places for a title like that would be useless so I checked the FM96 site. No help there. It sounded hard enough for HTZ-FM and sure enough, it's on their playlist.

Song: Sound of Love
Band: Danko Jones
Country: Canada!
Rating: Highly recommended. Great rockin' tune.

Posted by Ripley on August 01, 2002 | Tags: music