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01.08.02  Danko Jones - Coming home from baseball (yet again), Ice turned up the radio for one particular song. Said he really liked it but he didn't know who it was. FM96 DJs seem to have this thing about telling you the name/artist for... (tags: music)

04.08.02  Getting ready - We're going camping from Monday to Friday (yes, I said "we") so today was spent running errands. Got the groceries, did the drugstore thing, got K's hair cut, tried to get my hair cut but the stupid b*tch was in... (tags: camping)

14.08.02  Vacation report - Camping was good. There were lots and lots of mosquitoes, it wasn't quite warm enough for the first few days, and we were visited by a skunk every night (nicknamed Hector), but it was good nonetheless. I read all of... (tags: baseball, camping, kids, vacation)

14.08.02  Web fonts - Microsoft's TrueType core fonts for the Web are no longer available for download. (link removed since it's (surprise, surprise) dead now) Right. Don't give anything away for free, Bill. Some people might actually appreciate it.... (tags: fonts, microsoft)

15.08.02  Parties - Got a call from Kelly today, inviting us to a "sexy lingerie" party. I asked her if Roland would be modeling and she said, "Maybe. If we get him drunk enough." :) It's not likely that we'll be going though,... (tags: parties)

15.08.02  Parties, part 2 - I found a sitter! Yay!! I am so looking forward to this.... (tags: parties)

16.08.02  I remember - ... telling a school friend that I liked him and she said, "Why?? He's married!" I was only 7 or 8 at the time but that comment didn't make any sense to me. ... watching every movie, every chance I... (tags: childhood, elvis)

18.08.02  Noon to noon - The party was great! The Cherry Dogs kicked ass as usual. We danced pretty much all night, met a bunch of new people (of the drunk, dancin' fools, late twenties, male variety), said/did one or two things that I wish... (tags: parties)

19.08.02  Hot air power - Today's Guardian reports: "A one kilometre-high tower capable of producing enough energy for 200,000 homes has been approved by the Australian government (...)" "In effect a giant chimney, it will generate electricity by drawing warm air from ground level through... (tags: in the news)

19.08.02  Cabin fever - My children are punchy from spending the day inside and they're laughing hysterically at everything I say. OTOH, it's kinda good for the ego.... (tags: kids)

20.08.02  Bite me - Being told first thing in the morning that I "obviously don't have a clue" tends to put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Especially when it's followed by comments that make no sense at all.... (tags: twits)

21.08.02  Watershed - Ice tells me that The Watchmen have been added to the lineup for the Labour Day concert. So that's The Tragically Hip, Great Big Sea, and The Watchmen at the Walkerton ball diamond. It's a good thing Mom & Dad... (tags: concerts)

21.08.02  Yawn - I'm bored. I don't want to do this or that or anything at all online. I think I'll go sit on the front porch and wait for the bartender to get home. Or weed the flowerbeds. Or something. Oh, and... (tags: )

22.08.02  Done - Van license renewed. Groceries bought. Mini-present bought. Movies rented (Lord of the Rings!) Cake made. Spaghetti sauce made. Dishes done. Visiting child returned to her rightful owners. May I sit down now?... (tags: )

22.08.02  Happy birthday, Ice! - Another year older and another year..... wiser? sexier? more exhausted? Something like that. ;)... (tags: )

23.08.02  Lord of the Rings - A day later and we're still discussing each and every aspect of the movie. I expect that may continue for some time, especially since I think I'll re-read the book now (just The Fellowship of the Ring). The movie is... (tags: )

25.08.02  Visiting - Newt, MA, & K (K2?) were here today! It was wonderful to see them again. It's amazing how much stuff we can talk about in "an hour". ;)... (tags: )

26.08.02  Compound candidate - On our Saturday shopping trip, I spotted a gorgeous house, just outside of Goderich. It's on a treed lot, set well off the road, overlooking the Maitland River (apparently), and I just know *I* should be living there. Lot size:... (tags: )

27.08.02  Inspiration strikes - Last night, Ice comes home from work and I'm sitting here, swearing silently at Ash because the system froze not once, but twice, after running scandisk. Ice has become very good at sensing when things aren't going well so he... (tags: )

28.08.02  W3C standards - Six months ago, Marko Karppinen tested sites belonging to W3C members with the W3C's own validator. 3.7% used valid HTML. The other day, he ran the test again. 4.6% used valid HTML. It's sad, really.... (tags: )

29.08.02  In German - Want Ice to watch a movie even though you don't think he'll care for the story? Want him to stay up past his bedtime? All you have to do is choose a movie in German with English subtitles. Works every... (tags: )

30.08.02  Odds 'n' Ends - * I found the perfect xmas present for Ice! Hands Free Cell Phone Adapter * Did you know that everything you type into Google is shown on the wall behind the receptionist's desk at the Googleplex? Google Query Scroll (love... (tags: )