Baseball and thunderstorms.

I went to my oldest daughter's baseball game tonight.

Last inning, the home team is up to bat, our girls are out in field, there's one out, and a huge thunderstorm is rolling in.

Our coach asks the umpire to call the game. Says we'll give the other team their seven-run limit for the inning.

No way, he says, there's no lightning so they have to play.

Two out, one strike on the batter, and lightning off in the distance. The ump says keep playing.

Our coach, on the other hand, says no way. She's calling the game for safety reasons. She brings the girls in off the field, we all make a mad dash for our cars, head down the highway, and beat the storm home by a mere five minutes.

Way to go, Darlene!

Posted by Ripley on July 23, 2002 | Tags: baseball, kids, weather