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15.07.02  And it worked! - Yay me. I managed to install this thing and it appears to be working. Now I'll spend the rest of the week fussing over layout/appearance details. ;) Bravo to the Movable Type folks for providing such detailed and (relatively) easy... (tags: movable type)

15.07.02  Yeah, yeah... - ... I should be sleeping but hey, this is what summer vacation is for, right? There has to be some advantage to having the kids home all day. Besides, I needed one more entry so the items that run down... (tags: redesign)

16.07.02  Tweaking - Not quite there yet but it'll have to do for tonight. I need to spend some time on my other job that doesn't pay.... (tags: redesign)

17.07.02  Singing in science class - From PhysicsSongs.org: Songs about physics can help students to remember critical concepts and formulas, but perhaps more importantly they communicate the lesson that physics can be fun. Christmas carols, a techno remix, a remake of a Bob Dylan tune. Interesting... (tags: science)

20.07.02  Extreme sports - From 10 Truly Extreme Sports: 4. Pinto Pick-Up Participants cruise the hot spots of major cities trying to pick up a date while driving a '72 beige Ford Pinto. Extreme, indeed.... (tags: sports)

21.07.02  K-19: The Widowmaker - I loved this movie. Rip apart Harrison's accent, if you will. Tell me that every submarine movie uses the same plot (what the hell is the word I want here? techniques? points? conventions! that's it!) conventions. Whine about the ending... (tags: movies)

23.07.02  Baseball and thunderstorms - I went to my oldest daughter's baseball game tonight. Last inning, the home team is up to bat, our girls are out in field, there's one out, and a huge thunderstorm is rolling in. Our coach asks the umpire to... (tags: baseball, kids, weather)

25.07.02  Go team! - My middle child's baseball team won their first game tonight. Ice cream for everyone (in our family, anyway) even though it wasn't all that warm outside and I was freezing by the time I was done. They still miss the... (tags: baseball, kids)

27.07.02  w.bloggar - Trying out w.bloggar. Here's hoping it works. ;) <added> ...and it did. Kinda. It posted but it put the contents as the title. Fixed it but hmm... </added>... (tags: blogging)

28.07.02  Environment Canada - Generally, I'm pretty cool about the weather. It happens, there's not much we can do about it, so why obsess? But with the spectacular thunderstorms last night and again this morning and all the tornado watches/warnings, I can't stop reloading... (tags: weather)

29.07.02  Labour Day - I'm going to Watershed to see the Hip!! Yay! (yes, I'm excited)... (tags: concerts)

31.07.02  New look - That took entirely too much time but I think I have a better understanding of how MT works now. I also had a crash course in CSS which is a good thing. I'd used CSS before but not to this... (tags: redesign)

31.07.02  Road trips? - Ghost Towns of Ontario Large Canadian Roadside Attractions - Ontario... (tags: links)