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What They Said in 2000


I always believe in my own music but my own press was never about me, it was about the people I was meant to be as good as and that is really what put the pressure on me.

Brian Downey, former drummer with Thin Lizzy:

We went over there with the intention of playing like we played in Britain and Ireland. Going to the States was a different situation. We had great success there but we were never fully appreciated. I still think that some parts of America were too laid back for Thin Lizzy and it went right over their heads.


In America that is a very competitive industry and it's a legitimate job and people make a very good living out of it. You have to be really on the ball. You could be playing for four hours a night and if people ask for a song, no matter what style, you have to be able to come up with the goods. It's a great musical experience and you learn a lot from it.

Ken O'Duffy of Saville:

We want to try to go into different areas and try different things but it is important to us to have that pop sensibility and it HAS to be led by a good tune. The one thing about the album is the coherent sound. Good tunes throughout.

Steve Wall of The Walls:

The biggest problem for Irish bands and I am including the Stunning in this, is getting your stuff released abroad. Just because you are signed to a major does not mean that your work is going to be on release in Spain, France or anywhere other than home. It's up to the label boss in each country to decide to take it or not. If there is one thing we have learned is not to get involved in that scenario. It's equally a struggle as a band on an independent label. We raised money for this album through investors to help market the album and there are videos to be made and poster campaigns, ads. There is a big spend involved in getting it out there.

Nina Hynes:

It's just something that I ended up doing. I have always sung and I have always enjoyed it but I never thought of it as a career. A few years ago I simply decided that this was what I enjoyed doing the most so I may as well focus on this because I didn't get the same buzz from other things. I was into photography and acting and I wanted to make films but I found myself doing music more and more.

Robbie from Blink:

If Blink sold 70,000 copies of a CD in Ireland we would be on the Late Late Show for God's sake! If you can't cut it live in America you might as well give up, no matter what colour your hair is [laughs]. They don't care what you look like over there. They are not image driven.

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