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What They Said in 1999

David Gray on the latest fashion trend in England:

We wear t-shirts saying 'we are big in Ireland' [laughs] I love Ireland dearly. We have had nothing but a brilliant time.

Ken Sweeney explaining Brian Eno's reaction to hearing that there was a band called Brian:

I told him that it was called 'Brian' and he kinda went quiet for a second and said 'My God , that's the biggest compliment I have ever had' but shortly after that I had to tell him that it wasn't called after him but someone else.

Canice from Kilkenny band Engine Alley:

I suppose we kinda broke up three years ago. I don't know what the official line on that is really but in the end I hadn't spoken to Brian for a couple of months, I used to throw apples at his house just to show him that I was still alive [laughs]. We have started writing songs again. Brian did his own thing, he had a band called The Valleys and I went off and made some strange recordings and Eamonn went off and did some work with Lord of The Dance and still is in fact.

Blues legend Peter Green's response to how he would like to be remembered:

I don't think it would make much difference, would it? I did have a think about this not too long ago and do you know, I can't remember how! I've lost it now, maybe because of my visit to Ireland [laughs]. I did have this idea on how I would like to be remembered and if I remember I will tell you.

Emmett Tinley of The Prayer Boat:

I feel that a lot of bands think that they are owed something and it's just not like that. It's a really tough business and you have got to go out and do the work yourself and not expect handouts from anywhere.

Neil Hannon on the release of My Lovely Horse (Fr.Ted)

Gin Soaked Boy is the very last thing we will be releasing with Setanta so it was the last possible record we could put it on. I left it as long as I possibly could, that's all I can say [laughs].

Niall Stokes, editor of Hot Press magazine on the state of the Irish Music Industry:

We keep producing good quality acts, which is hugely important. We have now achieved a status as one of the great centres of A&R activity in the pop field. There never was anything worth talking about before the success of Boyzone, B*Witched, Westlife and the Corrs. At the same time it's very important that the mavericks are still out there doing it. It's very important that the new rock and roll bands keep coming through. We have got to keep producing the bands otherwise the A&R people will go elsewhere. Thankfully we are still producing them.

Mike Edgar, co-presenter of the Hot Press Awards in Dublin in October:

It's been just great to be down in Dublin for this year's awards ceremony, at what has become one of the main events in the Irish music calendar. The past two years we have been in Belfast and it has tied in really well this year to come back down to Dublin, with the opening of this fantastic new Hot Press venue and museum to Irish music.This year we have had some really great guests coming over to see us and enjoy the night and we were absolutely thrilled when the Queen of Soul, Dr. Nina Simone agreed to join us and accept the Hot Press Lifetime Achievement Award.

There is no doubt there is a huge amount of Irish musical talent on these shores and it is growing by the year. These awards are a great way of celebrating all that's good about Irish music, in all its forms, and we have to thank Hot Press for continuing to make this possible by organising these awards and for continuing to permit BBC Northern Ireland to record them and share with a wider audience.

Ulrika Jonsson, on her Irish Music education:

Before the first time I presented the show I really didn't know an awful lot about Irish bands. Presenting the show really opened it up a lot for me since then so now I am much more aware.

Marie of Dublin jazz outfit Zrazy:

We will do what we want and our pleasure is in jazz. We are getting good airplay but it tends to be on the late night programmes like this one, which is no bad thing because the type of listener that listens in the late hours are into the kind of music we do.

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