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The Subtonics

February 2001

The Subtonics are a young five piece from Dublin who have been together for twelve months. They have spent that time locked away at Loop Studios working on a debut album with the working title Two Fingers to the World. They have been known to emerge from this self inflicted exile to pull the occasional stunt such as sabotaging the Hotpress Awards with a rooftop gig that was so popular, even the riot squad turned up. They also managed to crash the MTV Awards by hiring a barge and playing a gig that left the stars gobsmacked on the riverbank.

The band recently played at the Strand in Dunmore East where they had played before and at the request of some friends made the return visit. It was during that return visit that they popped into WLRfm and the Irish Music Show. They have just released a single, Half Time Holiday.

As a live act, the band has been together just over a year with a six month period before that in preparation. Mark and Stéphan from the band explain further.

Mark: "I was in a band called the 'Josephs' for a while then I met with Stéphan and we both found the other members of the band. We got together and starting writing and seeing if we were good as a band together."

What make five young guys, especially guys from Dublin, get together to have a go at this business given the amount of competition there is in our nation's Capital city?

Stéphan: "You simply want to be in a band and play music and hang around other people that play music also. With regard to other bands we just try to put them out of our minds and concentrate on our own music."

Will the Subtonics head to the UK?

Stéphan: "Yes that's likely. There is talk of doing some gigs in Paris for the summer and other dates around Europe. Between now and the summer we hope to go to London and meet with some people and maybe organise a few gigs over there."

How realistic are you about the success of the Subtonics?

Stéphan: "We don't feel like we are even half way up the ladder and we certainly don't feel that because we have released one single that we are on our way back down again."

Mark: "We have about 19 songs already demoed for the album. Two weeks time we go back into record the next single that will be the first single off the album which we hope to have out by the end of March."

The Subtonics new single, Half Time Holiday, is now on release.

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