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September 2000

Mundy's debut album Jelly Legs was released in late 1996 to widespread critical acclaim and led to a hectic two year schedule of promotion and touring. The inclusion of his song To You I Bestow in the film and soundtrack of Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet, enhanced Mundy's reputation and ensured that his already hectic schedule became even busier.

Time out for the then 23-year-old Mundy was never a problem but it became a necessity in order to resume writing and get the creative juices flowing again.

Mundy parted company with Sony earlier this year and in March went back into the studio with a number of new songs, fresh ideas and stacks of enthusiasm. Now just 25, Mundy has covered more ground than most. A very exciting prospect when you look at his achievements so far and you can be certain that his future promises to bring even bigger and better things in the coming months and years. His brand new EP The Moon Is A Bullet Hole is a unique opportunity for fans both old and new to experience at first hand the fruits of Mundy's labours and see for themselves not just what the future can offer Mundy but what Mundy can offer the future.


I parted with Sony last January. Up 'till then I was constantly writing and then I got the go ahead last July to record with Tommy Dee who did work with Catatonia.

How did you feel about being dumped by Sony?

I felt a bit shit about it because, especially as I was told before Christmas that they could not wait to work on my album and I knew that this album would be amazing. I didn't know if it was chart material but I did know that it would definitely stand up alongside a lot of albums and kick the ass out of a lot of them. The fact that I didn't get a chance is annoying but I will get some sort of deal in order to get it out, even if I have to do it myself.

Is the new EP The Moon Is A Bullet Hole a good indication as to what that album would have been like?

It's a step ahead. The song on it called Mayday is a brilliant song. When I was dropped I thought that I would not be able to use it on the EP as Sony now own the recording of the songs. I didn't want to record it again as I like the original recording but I did record Mayday again. The Kids Aren't Stupid was one I wrote when I was in recording the album before the drop and the other songs I had written about two years ago.

Did you ever believe in your own press given that you were being touted as the next big thing?

No never! I always believe in my own music but my own press was never about me, it was about the people I was meant to be as good as and that is really what put the pressure on me.

How did the inclusion of To You I Bestow on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack come about?

I remember getting this phone call saying 'are you all right if your song goes into this movie which stars Leonardo?' and of course I said 'yes, bloody cool!' I had already released the song which reached number 60 in the UK charts. Then the Cardigans had released Lovefool which didn't do well until they included it in the movie also and made the video using parts of the movie. In my video they also used some of the movie. It's all about timing really so I quess my timing was off.

Mundy played support to none other than Neil Young at the Point. Did he get to meet him?

I did but we didn't get into a deep heavy conversation or anything. I exchanged five minutes of small talk with him but it was fun. A very normal bloke. After the gig I said to my agent who is also his agent, 'hey thanks for the gig but I am not going home without meeting Neil Young' so I went looking for him about ten minutes after his gig. There he was in his shorts and baseball hat taking down the gear with the other guys. Totally into it for all the right reasons. It was the first gig my mother ever saw and she thought this was what I did every night!

Plans for the future?

It's either another EP or else it's an album. I have this album that I really want people to hear which has some really really good songs. It's either putting that out around March or April or doing something like David Kitt did by putting out an album of very quiet songs really for the special listeners, the supporters. I feel that I owe the fans something.

Will you ever go to the major label scene?

If I do I will be greedy this time round. I have a mortgage to get together. I'll take a huge advance and then you can drop me whenever you want cos I know it won't be my fault.

The Moon is a Bullet Hole is now on release on Mundy's own Camcor Recordings with distribution by RMG.

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