Simple Curve, A (2005)
Simple Curve, A (2005) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Aubrey Nealon

Starring: Kris Lemche, Michael Hogan, Matt Craven, Pascale Hutton, Sarah Lind, Kett Turton, Michael Robinson, Ben Cotton, Hank Hastings, Suzinn Robinson, Waneta Storms, Petra Hartley

Synopsis: Caleb is struggling to keep the family woodworking business alive when an old friend of his hippie draft-dodger father comes to town.

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Part father-son drama, part love letter to the Slocan Valley. Gorgeous scenery; pitch-perfect acting from Lemche, Hogan, and Craven; the story is slow and (sorta) simple yet touching and completely held my attention; enough humour to make me laugh out loud sometimes and smile often; a really nice chair; and did I mention the breathtaking scenery? I liked it a lot.

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