Positively Naked (2005)
Positively Naked (2005) Genre(s): Documentary

Directed by: Arlene Donnelly Nelson, David Nelson

Starring: Spencer Tunick, Vinny Allegrini, Gwen Barringer, Shawn Decker, Mark de Solla Price, Chet Holcomb, Elizabeth Perez, Barbara Kemper Powell, Ron Singleton, Sean Strub, Spence Sutton, Julia Tripp

Synopsis: In celebration of POZ magazine's 10th anniversary, Spencer Tunick photographs 85 naked HIV postive people in a group shot. This is their stories.

Newt's movie review

The interviews were dignified and poignant. It was informative, personal, and left my heart heavy. It was very well done and definitely worth seeing. Bring tissues.

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