Filles ne savent pas nager, Les (2000)
Filles ne savent pas nager, Les (2000) Genre(s): Drama

AKA: Girls Can't Swim

Directed by: Anne-Sophie Birot

Starring: Isild Le Besco, Karen Alyx, Pascale Bussières, Pascal Elso, Marie Rivière, Yelda Reynaud, Sandrine Blancke, Julien Cottereau, Dominique Lacarrière

Synopsis: Lise has spent every summer in Gwen's seaside town, but this year she might not be able to make it.

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Newt's movie review

A relaxed paced story that changes character perspective to suit the telling. It's interesting but not riveting, nicely done but not spectacular, and filled with 15 year old teen girl angst.

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