I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003)
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003) Genre(s): Crime | Drama | Thriller

Directed by: Mike Hodges

Starring: Clive Owen, Charlotte Rampling, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Malcolm McDowell, Jamie Foreman, Ken Stott, Sylvia Syms, Alexander Morton

Synopsis: Will Graham leaves his quiet self-exile behind to investigate his brother's suicide.

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Newt's movie review

Will is morose and very economical with his words, and Clive portrays him brilliantly. The movie is dark and the feeling of anger and danger come across almost too well. McDowell plays his part perfectly and it is most unsettling.

This is an extremely difficult movie to watch, but it is very well done.

Added 10 October 2005 at 4:20 PM

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