Little Black Book (2004)
Little Black Book (2004) Genre(s): Comedy

Directed by: Nick Hurran

Starring: Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter, Kathy Bates, Ron Livingston, Julianne Nicholson, Stephen Tobolowsky, Kevin Sussman, Rashida Jones, Josie Maran, Jason Antoon, Sharon Lawrence, Gavin Rossdale, Cress Williams, Dave Annable

Synopsis: Stacy Holt is certain she's found the right man until her co-workers put a shadow of doubt in her mind.

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Ripley's movie review

Hunter looked good, Murphy was fine, and I really liked Nicholson. The movie was oddly boring though, at least up until near the end, and I can't recommend it.

Added 26 September 2005 at 12:05 AM

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