Door in the Floor, The (2004)
Door in the Floor, The (2004) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Tod Williams

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, Elle Fanning, Jon Foster, Bijou Phillips, Mimi Rogers, Louis Arcella, Amanda Posner

Synopsis: A college student takes a summer job as assistant to a famous children's writer but discovers that all is not well in the Cole household.

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Ripley's movie review

I didn't like the characters and I didn't care about them or their troubles. In fact, I wanted to shake Basinger, slap Foster, and punch Bridges in the nose. But I had to sit there and watch the whole thing just to find out what actually happened to the sons. That information, when it was finally revealed, wasn't worth the torture of the rest of the movie. Skip it.

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