Terry Fox Story, The (1983)
Terry Fox Story, The (1983) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Ralph L. Thomas

Starring: Eric Fryer, Robert Duvall, Chris Makepeace, Rosalind Chao, Michael Zelniker, Elva Mai Hoover, Frank Adamson, Marie McCann, R.H. Thomson, Gloria Figura, Karen Racicot, Matt Craven, Saul Rubinek

Synopsis: On April 12, 1980, a young man dipped his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean and began a journey that would affect millions of lives. Based on a true story.

Genie winner: Movie, Actor (Eric Fryer).
Genie nominee: Supporting Actor (Michael Zelniker), Supporting Actress (Elva Mai Hoover).

Ripley's movie review

I saw this in the theatre originally and I remember I was shocked by the less than flattering portrayal of Fox. The guy was like a hero to me, I cried when he had to stop running; how dare they show him as a regular, flawed human being! Of course, eventually I realized that's exactly what he was. A headstrong young man, more self-centred than not (as many young men are), who was trying to make a mark on the world. I often wonder what he would think about just how huge that mark turned out to be.

Fryer was very good as Fox (in his one and only movie role), the story was interesting, and the movie was worth watching.

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