Power Play (2002)
Power Play (2002) Genre(s): Action | Thriller

Directed by: Joseph Zito

Starring: Dylan Walsh, Alison Eastwood, Tobin Bell, Brixton Karnes, Julia Davis, Mauricio Guerios, Marty Papazian, Marcia Strassman, Jaimz Woolvett

Synopsis: A reporter gets a tip that the increasing number of earthquakes in Los Angeles may be caused by a research facility.

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Ripley's movie review

In the first half hour, I was presented with an annoying gum chewer and a very annoying crier. Of course, they didn't tell me what was making the annoying crier cry so I had to keep watching.

In the second half hour, there was a cheap attempt at tension, some very cheesy effects, explosions just for sake of blowing things up, and a chase scene in a cemetary so that I wouldn't forget this was an action movie.

In the third half hour, I got another explosion, a chick with a baseball bat, people with hearing problems, and an extended earthquake scene with some rather impressive moments. Things were finally looking up.

In the fourth and final half hour (which was actually only eight or nine minutes but work with me here), there were some very cool explosions and a really pathetic ending.

Verdict? I obviously spent way too much time taking notes during this lousy movie.

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