In the Cut (2003)
In the Cut (2003) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Jane Campion

Starring: Meg Ryan, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Nick Damici, Kevin Bacon, Micheal Nuccio, Alison Nega, Dominick Aries, Susan Gardner, Sharrieff Pugh, Heather Litteer, Daniel T. Booth, Yaani King, Frank Harts, Sebastian Sozzi, Zack Wegner

Synopsis: A lonely writer/teacher is attracted to the detective investigating a series of murders in her neighbourhood.

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Ripley's movie review

It meandered along with lots of pointless scenes and mostly unlikeable characters. It was somewhat fascinating though and there was full frontal nudity of both the female/Meg and male/Mark varieties. I can't recommend it but it wasn't a complete waste of time.

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