Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman (2004)
Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman (2004) Genre(s): Comedy | Drama

Directed by: Sheldon Larry

Starring: Christine Lahti, Brian Kerwin, Bryan Brown, Caroline Aaron, Abby Brammell, Maggie Lawson, Reid Scott, Anthony Heald, Cynthia Harris, Amanda Hastings-Phillips, Christopher Wiehl, Chris William Martin

Synopsis: Her husband left her for her assistant. Her boss fired her for her assistant. What's a woman to do?

Ripley's movie review

The story wasn't terribly original and neither was the dialogue but Lahti was great, Kerwin was perfectly understated, and Aaron was very funny. I know from experience that sharing an entire bottle of Grey Goose vodka does not lead to a painful hangover but I'll forgive them that error. Worth watching.

Added 29 November 2004 at 11:58 PM

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