Devil's Playground (2002)
Devil's Playground (2002) Genre(s): Documentary

Directed by: Lucy Walker

Starring: Faron Yoder, Emma Miller, Joann Hochstetler, Gerald Yutzy, Velda Bontrager

Synopsis: When Amish children turn 16, they are allowed to live life as "english" while deciding whether or not to join the church. This tradition is known as "rumspringa".

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Ripley's movie review

Ohhh, I just wanted to take Faron and shake him! Fascinating documentary about a fairly closed segment of society. Some things I knew, some things I didn't, all of it was interesting. I wish there had been more (or any) interviews with the parents but that likely wasn't the director's choice. Worth watching.

Added 11 November 2004 at 1:12 AM