Melvin Goes to Dinner (2003)
Melvin Goes to Dinner (2003) Genre(s): Comedy | Drama

Directed by: Bob Odenkirk

Starring: Michael Blieden, Stephanie Courtney, Matt Price, Annabelle Gurwitch, Kathleen Roll, Maura Tierney, Jack Black, Melora Walters

Synopsis: Four people discuss religion, sex, relationships, and the supernatural over several bottles of wine.

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Ripley's movie review

The conversation was interesting and, except for the fact that they didn't interrupt each other nearly enough, it felt real. Not a lot happened in the movie but it moved along nicely. The few scenes outside of the restaurant were distracting though and I think the entire thing could have been pulled off without them.

Added 29 October 2004 at 1:35 AM

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