My Life Without Me (2003)
My Life Without Me (2003) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Isabel Coixet

Starring: Sarah Polley, Mark Ruffalo, Deborah Harry, Scott Speedman, Amanda Plummer, Leonor Watling, Maria de Medeiros, Julian Richings, Jessica Amlee, Kenya Jo Kennedy, Alfred Molina

Synopsis: After learning that she has terminal cancer, a young mother sets out to accomplish several things before she dies.

Genie winner: Actress (Sarah Polley).

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Ripley's movie review

Yeah, it made me cry and depressed me for quite a while afterwards. Not a sunshiney happy movie, that's for sure. The story was good although one of the things on her To Do list (and a major part of the story) bothered me a lot. Polley was very good, Ruffalo was impressive, Harry was great as the bitter mom, and Speedman didn't get enough to do. It's a good movie and worth watching. Just keep the tissues handy.

Added 17 September 2004 at 12:52 AM

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