Cabin Fever (2002)
Cabin Fever (2002) Genre(s): Horror

Directed by: Eli Roth

Starring: Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent, Joey Kern, Giuseppe Andrews, Arie Verveen, Robert Harris, Hal Courtney, Matthew Helms, Richard Boone, Tim Parati, Eli Roth

Synopsis: College students encounter an obviously sick man while at a cabin in the woods.

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Ripley's movie review

It's gruesome, ridiculous, and I laughed a lot. I even think I was supposed to. And it has all the horror movie cliches -- isolated location, mysterious events, creepy locals -- and the required cast. However, it seems to be undecided whether it's a tribute to '70s horror movies or a parody of them. If it had been one or the other, I would have liked it more. Only worth watching if you're in the right mood and have a strong stomach.

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