Deception (2003)
Deception (2003) Genre(s): Thriller

Directed by: Richard Roy

Starring: Dina Meyer, Steve Bacic, Gary Hudson, Anna Silk, Alan Fawcett, Frank Fontaine, Rachelle Lefevre, Jeff Roop, Cary Lawrence, Bill Rowat, Russell Yuen, Mark Camacho, Moira Wylie

Synopsis: A part-time decoy for a private detective is attracted to one of her marks.

Ripley's movie review

A few twists and turns but an otherwise predictable plot with the standard elements and built-in breaks for commercials. However, the eye candy is nice, both male and female (mmm Bacic), and if you're in the right frame of mind, it's not a terrible way to waste 90 minutes.

Added 12 July 2004 at 2:48 AM

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