Just an American Boy (2003)
Just an American Boy (2003) Genre(s): Documentary

Directed by: Amos Poe

Starring: Steve Earle

Synopsis: Among other things, the musician explains his stand on the death penalty and why he wrote the controversial song, “John Walker's Blues”, while performing at concerts across the US.

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Ripley's movie review

I've been a Steve Earle fan for a very long time and I've always found him to be not only a great singer and songwriter but a compelling speaker. So I was disappointed with the way the director "tarted" things up; overlapping too much and using far too many special effects. If he'd kept things simple, it would have been a much better film. Still, it was interesting and I enjoyed hearing his son Justin sing. It's a must-see for fans and, perhaps, for those who don't understand him.

Added 23 February 2004 at 12:32 AM