Pocketful of Miracles (1961)
Pocketful of Miracles (1961) Genre(s): Comedy | Drama

Directed by: Frank Capra

Starring: Glenn Ford, Bette Davis, Hope Lange, Arthur O'Connell, Peter Falk, Thomas Mitchell, Edward Everett Horton, Mickey Shaughnessy, David Brian, Sheldon Leonard, Peter Mann, Ann-Margret

Synopsis: For years, Apple Annie has spun a web of lies about her life for her daughter's benefit. When Louise writes that she's coming for a visit, Annie turns to gangster Dave the Dude for help.

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Ripley's movie review

Nobody makes a feel-good movie quite like Capra. Davis was great, Ford was great (I loved the way they kept calling him "Mr. Dude"), and Falk was very funny. It's a long movie (well over 3 hours) but it's not slow and it's never boring. I enjoyed it.

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