Wild Dogs, The (2002)
Wild Dogs, The (2002) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Thom Fitzgerald

Starring: Thom Fitzgerald, Mihai Calota, David Hayman, Alberta Watson, Rachel Blanchard, Geraint Wyn Davies, Visinel Burcea, Dinu Viorel Nelu, Simona Popescu, Marcel Unguriano Catalin

Synopsis: A Canadian pornographer travels to Bucharest in search of young talent. Meanwhile, a Romanian dogcatcher can't bring himself to do his job.

Genie nominee: Supporting Actor (David Hayman).

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Ripley's movie review

I was impressed with Watson, less impressed with Fitzgerald (his acting, not his directing). It's a different movie, strange, somewhat fascinating. I can't say I liked it but I certainly won't forget it.

Added 08 February 2004 at 4:09 AM

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