Unfaithful (2002)
Unfaithful (2002) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Adrian Lyne

Starring: Diane Lane, Richard Gere, Olivier Martinez, Erik Per Sullivan, Chad Lowe

Synopsis: A suburban housewife begins a torrid affair with a young Frenchman.

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Ripley's movie review

Lane is very good as a woman who gets caught up in an affair that she can't bring herself to end and Gere is very good as the husband who doesn't want to believe what he knows to be true. I saw a bit of an interview with Lane where she said she liked the fact that the movie didn't offer any excuses. I liked that too, and I also liked the way it ended. It's a sad movie really, and worth watching.

Added 05 February 2004 at 1:54 AM