Russia House, The (1990)
Russia House, The (1990) Genre(s): Drama | Thriller

Directed by: Fred Schepisi

Starring: Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, Roy Scheider, James Fox, John Mahoney, Michael Kitchen, J.T. Walsh, Ken Russell, David Threlfall, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Mac McDonald

Synopsis: A British publisher is recruited by the British Secret Service to obtain Soviet nuclear documents from an informant after Glasnost.

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Newt's movie review

It boasts an all-star cast but Connery outshines them all with his skillful indignance. The man is brilliant. Pfeiffer is alright as Katya and her accent is acceptable. The story is based upon a Le Carré novel that relies heavily on Cold War fears but it's the scenery that makes the movie. Give it a chance.

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