Ladyhawke (1985)
Ladyhawke (1985) Genre(s): Fantasy | Romance

Directed by: Richard Donner

Starring: Rutger Hauer, Matthew Broderick, Michelle Pfeiffer, Leo McKern, John Wood

Synopsis: A curse placed upon two young lovers keeps them always together, eternally apart.

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Newt's movie review

Despite the awful soundtrack this is a great romance. Broderick as Phillipe the Mouse is the constant character, the comic relief, and the perfect choice for the role. It's a thoroughly enjoyable classic for all ages.

I think the movie stands so well on its own that if I were to rework and re-release it, I think we could have easily done without the dialogue entirely or perhaps just left in the ramblings of Phillipe and Father Imperius. It's good; watch it again.

Added 13 October 2003 at 4:11 PM
Ripley's movie review

A beautiful love story and right up there on my favourite movies list. Rutger is great and Michelle is beautiful but Broderick's character is annoying. Fortunately, he eventually settles down and stops talking so damn much.

Watch it.

Added 24 November 2003 at 10:37 AM

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