Outbreak (1995)
Outbreak (1995) Genre(s): Action | Drama | Thriller

Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen

Starring: Duston Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Cuba Gooding Jr., Donald Sutherland, Patrick Dempsey

Synopsis: A virus that kills within hours is loose in the U.S. and only the army can stop it.

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Newt's movie review

Cuba really irritated me in this one. He seemed like a little kid just trying to please everyone and it made his delivery ridiculous. And speaking of ridiculous: the movie wasn't great to begin with, but the dialogue near the end was just silly. It felt like the climax had been rewritten by some amateur under serious time constraints like, say, an hour. Really awful.

The premise was good, it looked like a very expensive movie to make, and Spacey was OK, but your two hours are better spent elsewhere.

Added 17 September 2003 at 9:57 PM

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