Gladiator Cop (1994)
Gladiator Cop (1994) Genre(s): Action

Directed by: Nick Rotundo

Starring: Lorenzo Lamas, Frank Anderson, Dan Carter, Eugene Clark, Christopher Lee Clements, Heather Gillan, James Hong, Steve Kendry, Peter Kerenyi, Joe Lalogga, George Touliatos

Synopsis: An ancient sword, once owned by Alexander the Great, is stolen. A cop, plagued by dreams about... you guessed it... gladiators, tries to get it back.

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Ripley's movie review

The title is a pretty good indication but the fact that it stars Lamas should be more than enough to tell you that this is a bad movie. I mean, BAD. The acting is horrible, the plot is ridiculous, the editing is atrocious, and the fight scenes are hilarious. I laughed a lot. Not enough to ever watch it again though.

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