Love, Honour & Obey (2000)
Love, Honour & Obey (2000) Genre(s): Comedy | Crime | Drama

Directed by: Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis

Starring: Jonny Lee Miller, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Ray Winstone, Kathy Burke, Sean Pertwee

Synopsis: Johnny gets hooked up with the mob by his best friend. Unfortunately, Johhny isn't bright enough to stay out of trouble and brings his new friends into it, too.

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Newt's movie review

It was kinda different in the way that television pilot episodes are slightly different. Like trying to get a hook in to make you come back for more. But like a TV pilot, it certainly wasn't the best episode. I can't really imagine there'll be a sequel, either. Miss it.

Added 10 July 2003 at 9:59 PM

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