White Room (1990)
White Room (1990) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Patricia Rozema

Starring: Maurice Godin, Sheila McCarthy, Kate Nelligan, Margot Kidder

Synopsis: While peeping through a window, a freakishly obsessed boy witnesses the murder of a woman.

Genie nominee: Actress (Kate Nelligan).

Newt's movie review

"Beautiful things aren't practical." Well this flick is neither beautiful nor practical: it's awful. It tries so hard to be artistic in a way different from other films trying to be artistic that it went straight to bad. The script felt like it was being written while the movie was being shot. Like the writer had no idea of where the story was going. The over-used visual device became really annoying after a while. And get this: Margot Kidder was the pop star.


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