Now and Forever (2002)
Now and Forever (2002) Genre(s): Drama | Romance

Directed by: Bob Clark

Starring: Mia Kirshner, Adam Beach, Gordon Tootoosis, Theresa Russell, Gabriel Olds, Callum Keith Rennie, Simon Baker, Alexandra Purvis

Synopsis: John and Angela form a lasting bond, despite the differences in their backgrounds.

Ripley's movie review

It was sweet and kinda touching. Beach was good and Tootoosis was great (love that man). Kirshner, Russell, and Olds were also good.

However, the very last scene was horrid. The point they were trying to make was fine but the way it was handled was awful. It actually spoiled the movie a bit for me.

Still, it's worth watching.

Added 13 March 2003 at 2:07 AM