Crosswinds (1995)
Crosswinds (1995) Genre(s): Crime | Drama

AKA: Vents contraires

Directed by: Allan A. Goldstein

Starring: David Soul, Grace De Capitani, Jean-Francois Blanchard, Danielle Schneider, Andre Champagne, Carl Marotte, Vlasta Vrana, Martin Watier, Jean Pierre Bergeron, Daniel Pilon

Synopsis: Apparently, Hutch couldn't live without Starsky so he moved to the Great Lakes, bought a boat, and started drinking. Oh, and there was something about drug dealers in there, too.

Ripley's movie review

The scenery was gorgeous but, my god, the rest of it was bad. The acting, the dialogue, the stunts, all of it. It was actually kinda funny in its awfulness but not funny enough. Skip it.

Added 05 March 2003 at 5:37 PM

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