We Were Soldiers (2002)
We Were Soldiers (2002) Genre(s): Drama | War

Directed by: Randall Wallace

Starring: Mel Gibson, Madeleine Stowe, Greg Kinnear, Sam Elliott, Chris Klein, Keri Russell, Barry Pepper, Don Duong, Ryan Hurst, Robert Bagnell, Marc Blucas, Josh Daugherty, Jsu Garcia, Jon Hamm, Clark Gregg

Synopsis: The first major American offensive in the Vietnam War, told from the perspective of Lt. Colonel Moore.

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Newt's movie review

Mel did good job of portraying the tough, kind and thoughtful American career soldier with a family. But his fake accent was obvious.

The movie was graphic. Very graphic. It also tried hard to convey that soldiers are men who take orders and kill other soldiers. But they aren't mindless killing machines.

It is worth the rental. Especially for Madeleine Stowe's character.

Added 18 November 2002 at 3:01 PM
Ripley's movie review

Very good movie but I found it almost painful to watch. Not because it was graphic (although it was) but because it was based on a true story. The scenes with the wives were sad but the scenes during the battle were heartbreaking.

Watch it.

Added 25 March 2003 at 12:54 AM

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