Essex Boys (2000)
Essex Boys (2000) Genre(s): Thriller

Directed by: Terry Winsor

Starring: Sean Bean, Alex Kingston, Charlie Creed-Miles, Tom Wilkinson

Synopsis: A young cabbie gets drawn into the underworld when he's given the job of driving around a local gangster who has just been released from jail.

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Ripley's movie review

Usually when I watch British movies, I have trouble catching the odd word or phrase but in this one, I swear I missed half of the dialogue. The accents are thick so pay attention.

The story was fairly interesting and the acting was excellent. It was inspired by a true event so that helped too. I didn't think it was a great movie (probably because of the dialogue problem) but it was pretty good.

Two things you should know before watching: Sean Bean ain't Boromir or Sharpe in this one and Dr. Corday gets naked. Guess which one of those things made Ice say, "wow"?

Added 20 October 2002 at 6:54 AM

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