Sweet Hereafter, The (1997)
Sweet Hereafter, The (1997) Genre(s): Drama

Directed by: Atom Egoyan

Starring: Ian Holm, Sarah Polley, Tom McCamus, Gabrielle Rose, Maury Chaykin, Alberta Watson, Caerthan Banks, Bruce Greenwood, Stephanie Morgenstern

Synopsis: A big city lawyer with personal troubles ventures to a rural town on the heels of a school bus crash, with the intention of bringing forth a class action law suit.

Genie winner: Movie, Director, Actor (Ian Holm).
Genie nominee: Actor (Bruce Greenwood), Actress (Sarah Polley, Gabrielle Rose), Supporting Actor (Tom McCamus)

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Newt's movie review

This is the first Egoyan film I've seen, so I had some preconceived notions. Of course they were all shattered within the first five minutes.

The Canadian content was subtle but formidable: the opening scene shows a Go Train in the background; the speed limits were posted in kilometres; both songs (no, really: "One More Colour" and "Courage") were by Canadian artists; and the characters said "eh". Other than those likely intentional items, this could very well have been an American film.

It was dark and morose and dealt with rather unpleasant subject matter throughout. There were surprises and twists and I didn't expect the ending. This is far from a feel-good movie. Be prepared to think a little.

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