Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) Genre(s): Animated | Family

Directed by: John A. Davis

Voice Credits: Megan Cavanagh, Mark DeCarlo, Debi Derryberry, Jeffrey Garcia, Mary Hart, Martin Short, Patrick Stewart

Synopsis: It's every kid's dream: their parents are parentnapped by aliens.

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Newt's movie review

This movie really does have something for everyone: there's Star Trek references, Star Wars references, ferris wheels, kids, school, dogs, junk food, snot, burping, .... really, it's got it all. But it ain't that great. It's good, but I have no desire to see it again.

Patrick Stewart was great, though.

Added 08 October 2002 at 3:51 PM

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