Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Genre(s): Action

Directed by: Roger Spottiswoode

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Michelle Yeoh, Jonathan Pryce, Teri Hatcher, Judi Dench, Desmond Llewelyn

Synopsis: Bond, James Bond. 'Nuff said.

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Newt's movie review

Brosnan does a good job as Bond, in my opinion.

The effects in this flick (and let's face it, I'm in it for the stunts and FX) are really top-notch. What pissed me off though, was all the product placements. It's not that they were never there before, it's just they were so blatantly obvious. Rather annoying at times.

And Judi Dench? Two thumbs up! That woman rocks.

Added 05 October 2002 at 12:56 PM